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"I'm glad to say that after I recieved my download, I was able to custom tweak my best man toast to perfection...needless to say the toast was a big hit.  It was definitely worth the small investment!  Thanks"

--Brian Jeffries, NC

"After reading the speeches supplied, I mixed and matched lines from each to blend into my perfect speech. Combined with a few funnies from the Best Man handbook and other free bonuses, the speech went down a storm!"

--Andrew Farrell, Oxfordshire, England

"I had the audience captivated...
and carried them through many different emotions. I could have not done it without your help!"

--Nicholas S., Wisconsin

"Thanks, Ryan...wow!
An Internet company that really cares about the customers!  Got it all...there's some killer stuff in there, and I know I'm gonna get a bunch of laughs.  Best of luck to you, and thanks."

--John McBride, MO

"What can I say apart from I'm just in from a great wedding to which I was best man to the groom. I was really nervous about my speech so I thought I'd take some advice from you. Excellent! Although I panicked just a tad, I came across confidently and funny!  Thanks for all your help!"

--Scott, Great Britain


Wedding Speeches Made Easy . . . 

Are you feeling an agony that no one else can understand…while everyone is counting on you to be strong and give the important speech at the wedding? Are you wondering… and perhaps not entirely sure if you really can? 

 "Discover How To Deliver The Most Touching, Memorable, Heartfelt Speech For The Happy Couple-- That Communicates Everything They Mean To Each Other, Family, And Friends… Even If You’re Afraid To Speak In Front Of People…And Even If You’ve Never Written Or Given One Speech In Your Entire Life!”

You are just moments away from getting your hands on 25 Proven, Pre-Written and Time-Tested Sample Wedding Speeches!

This package is for YOU if you are one of the following:

  • Best Man
  • Maid of Honor
  • Father of the Bride
  • Groom
  • Bride
  • Mother of the Bride or Groom
  • Father of the Groom
  • Groomsmen
  • Bride's Maid
  • Relatives of the Bride or Groom
  • Friends of the Bride or Groom
The Bride was very happy..."

  "I gave the speech on Sunday. It was a big success. I think everyone who knew me said the speech was awesome. The Bride was very happy and without your speeches, I would not have included enough about her. I think  that is a common mistake that the best man makes."

                                                                                             -Salvatore, Washington DC


"Deliver An Outstanding Speech . . ."

  "My son wanted to deliver an "outstanding" speech at his best friend's wedding.  As Best Man he knew there would be a focus on him and it was going to be on video. 

  I immediately got on the internet and found many speech sites, however your site offered a great variety of speeches, you had immediate delivery, plus great bonuses. 

  My son's speech was well organized, had humor and he delivered a wonderful message.  Thank you for the confidence you instill.  It was worth every penny!"

                                                                                -Mary Johnson, San Francisco, CA


Dear Friend,

Delivering a wedding speech of any kind for a newlywed couple is an honor bestowed on a person who is deeply respected, trusted and loved.

If you have ever been asked to deliver this kind of speech you'll understand the deep honor that has been placed upon you as well as the fear that can overwhelm you.

90% of people rate speaking to a group of people as their greatest fear.  Combine that with the stress of a wedding and the fear that you may foul up this special, once in a lifetime, day and it's no wonder you don't like speaking.


"Your downloaded e-Book Is Priceless"

  "Ryan, I am an international public speaker and I must tell you,  your Ultimate Speeches package is priceless in for anyone who has never deliver a speech in their life, let alone one as important as at a wedding.

  I don't care if people have delivered many speeches before, this book will give them them exact words they need to leave such an everlasting and memorable speech . . . one that will be for ever compared to.

I highly recommend  people grab a copy of your e-book right now."

                                                                  - Trevor Crook - www.MagicWordsSell.com

You may feel like no one else understands your fear.  RELAX . . . because I do and I want to help you make things so easy for you.

I will pull the stress out of that day the same way a good massage pulls the stress out of a cramped muscle.

Let me help you to make a smooth, happy, memorable speech. Find your confidence, plan your words, say everything you want to say, and deliver your speech like a pro!!

 Let me tell you a story of a couple of guys at a wedding . . .

One was the Father of the Bride. He was a wise, and successful man who did not have much experience with public speaking. He had been around the block, though, and he knew a thing or two about a thing or two. Most of all he knew how to prepare!

The second man, the Best Man, was a very young man that still loved to 'party hardy' so to speak. He was a very outgoing person and never had trouble speaking to groups of people.

He had very little experience with this type of speech, but figured he could just wing it. I mean after all he WAS the top person in his Freshman speech class.

You probably guessed what happen on that most important day . . . the Father made a wonderful speech. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. It was a moving speech that all the everyone loved.

On the other hand, when the best man stood up he froze like an ice sculpture. Looking at the faces of all the guests, and realizing that his normal 'college' humor was not going to go over, his tongue felt as heavy as a truck.

His toast was less than impressive, he stuttered and stammered leaving the Groom steaming and the guests yawning at his boredom.

What Was The Difference?

Well, if it isn't clear by now, the difference was that the Father prepared. He got some help. He made some notes. He practiced.
He knew his daughter's wedding was an important day, a day to remember for the right reasons and he prepared.

The Best Man just wanted to wing it. He was careless, thoughtless (some might say clueless too) - in the end he looked like a complete idiot. He also created a negative memory in what was otherwise a perfect day.


"Everyone Thought It Was The Best Speech!"

"Rating a 10. They were excellent, there were so many different speeches that any speech would work for all types of individuals.  My friend actually hasn't used his speech yet, the wedding isn't until September, but he was very pleased with the result of your speeches.  

  We heard about this web site from a mutual friend. When he gave his speech at a different wedding he had everyone laughing, and then some crying. Everyone thought it was the best speech and fortunately for us, he admitted that it wasn't his own.  

  There was so much information given to me that all of the basis were covered. I specifically like the quotes that you gave me."

 - Rebecca Copeland, Washington, MO

Seeking a little help and preparing made all the difference.

The Father had some help - he invested in my Ultimate Speeches package.

 Now you can get access to the same help too, all on a zero risk, 365 day, unconditional money back guaranteed basis!


Let's   Take A Look At What You Get When You
Secure Your Copy Of  My Ultimate Wedding  Speeches Package . . .

  In this wedding speech Ebook you will discover:


  •   25  of sample speeches. No matter what kind of wedding speech you have to give (Best man, Groom, Father of the Bride, Maid of Honor, Mother of the Bride or Groom, Groomsman, Brides Maid, other guest, etc.) you will have an example that can be modeled.
  • Learn the proper etiquette for a wedding speech. This one may surprise you, it probably isn't what you think.
  • What is expected of you when you give your speech. This alone will reduce your stress and make the entire occasion more relaxed and fun.   
  • Learn how to construct your speech and what to talk about. With these tips you can rest assured that you will not make any embarrassing mistakes. 
  • Learn who to focus on in your speech. This little bit may surprise you, and it is different for each kind of speech.  

  • Learn how long to make your speech. To short and you seem uninterested, and too long and the guests get bored. You will never have either problem is you follow these steps...

  • What to say to ensure you deliver a great speech. A few wrong words and the magic moment can be destroyed.

  • REVEALED: What the one and only task of a wedding toast is. It's not what you think it is. This little gem is worth its weight in gold! 

  • Learn what all of your duties are, no matter what role you are playing in the wedding. With this information you can help ensure the magic day goes of without a hitch.

  •  Do's and Don't for your speech. A few of these tips can keep you out of hot water with the bride and Groom. 
  • Some ideas to use when you are modeling the included speeches. These tips will help ensure that your speech shines like the morning sun on the morning dew on a crisp fall morning.
  • Even famous speakers experience anxiety, nervousness and fear.  We give you 10 fear conquering steps so you can deliver a heart felt speech/toast. After using these steps you will be so together and polished it will seem that you coached Lincoln at the Gettysburg address. 
  • Learn how to give a proper roast. Roasts can be more fun than a barrel of monkeys, but they can also be a disaster waiting to happen. Learn how to roast the bride, Groom, or wedding party without insulting anyone. A few well placed comments you will have the guests in the palm of your hand.
  • Take advantage of several pre-written, time tested jokes. You don't even have to be funny. Just use these jokes and you'll have the entire audience laughing.
  • Practical jokes, like roasts, can add to or destroy the entire day. Learn a few reasonable and appropriate practical jokes to play on the new couple. With these jokes up your sleeve you will help make the day go as smooth as silk on glass.  
  • Learn what kind of gifts are reasonable and expected for your position in the wedding party.   The wrong gift can put a wet blanket on the entire day. Don't make a disastrous mistake.   

  • 51 proven toasts. You will NEVER be at a loss for words with my wedding speeches package.  

  • You get several quotes from some of the best and brightest in history. These are perfect to start your speech or just add effect. 

  • A checklist of responsibilities for each part of the wedding party. Don't forget something and cause a huge problem in the special day. With this checklist you can't help but have all you 'i's dotted and 't's crossed.   

  • For the Guys: 13 Surefire way to be a hit with your date. Whether your date is a long time girlfriend, wife or just a casual date, there are several things you can do to ensure that she has a nice time. There is love in the air at a wedding, but a few mistakes on your part can have you in the doghouse. Follow these suggestions and I guarantee a follow up to the wedding you will never forget!!
  • With the Ultimate Speeches organizer/checklist, you will always be “Johnny on the Spot” for the happy couple. With everything going on during the wedding day, the bride and Groom will be running at a dizzying pace. There is nothing better than a friend or relative that can step in and help ensure things go well. With these tools you will be that person. Truth is, even if you're not giving a speech, these tools are worth the investment in the entire package by themselves.     
  •  Discover THE one thing you must do before even thinking of putting pen to paper ... that will help you create your loved one's wedding speech.
  • The ONE trick to giving a great wedding speech is turning your nervous energy into a great speech. When you get done with this package you will know how. With this tip you can't help but knock 'em dead.
  • Revealed: The 3 steps to a great wedding speech! Ensure that your contribution to the happy day adds to the great memories!
  • Discover the motive behind all great wedding speeches. You may not be surprised, but when you have it clear in your mind it will help you shine like the Northern Star.
  • Learn who traditionally gives speeches at the wedding, and who gives speeches in today's less traditional weddings. You may need to have some comments prepared, even if you're not expecting to speak.
  • 14 Key points to keep in mind while planning your speech. With these points in mind you will be assured to give a speech just like a pro.
  • Learn the quickest and most efficient way you can get all your thoughts down on paper and ensure you say everything you want to say. This technique is used by professional speakers, now you have the same tool at your finger tips.
  • Discover the history of wedding speeches. With this information you can better understand why you are giving a speech, and then give a much better speech. The day is about the Newlyweds, but since you're speaking you want to look good as well. 
  • Learn how to break through writers block. Another professional technique you can use to forever forget about writers block.
  • The perfect ending to your speech. The wrong ending can leave people hanging and destroy a great speech. With this tip you will finish with the same power that you started with.
  • Learn how and why to edit your speech for maximum effect. When you finish this portion of the product you will know how to make you speech “POP” like no other.

  • Find out which is better, an outline on cue cards or a fully written and/or memorized speech. You may be shocked at the answer.
  • Find out everything you need to know about wedding toasts. Whether planned or off the cuff - you will never be at a loss for with these memorable and touching toasts.

and much, much more!     

 "My Speech Was A HUGE Hit!."

  "All the feedback was extremely positive, I felt that I was right on with the delivery.  I had checked out a couple (free) different websites before yours, and was unable to come up with any real useful material, paying the [cost] was a great investment and my final speech was a huge hit. Not really sure what more you could provide.  Great web site!"

- Brendan O'Donohue, Gilbert, AZ

. . . All Best Men Should Have A Copy”

 "I think that all best men should have a copy of these speeches as they are proven winners. No stress involved and it will relieve any stress or fear you may have as a best man."
                                                                              - James Humphrey, Texas

This May Be The Happiest  And The
Hardest Thing YOU Have Ever Done
. . .

I understand. Standing in front of people, in a highly emotional state, and being overwhelmed with the joy in the room can be difficult. Especially if you are very close to the bride or Groom.

As a matter of fact many people say their biggest fear is just finishing the speech. They don't want to forget part of it, or say something inappropriate.

Let me tell you, no one expects you to be a professional speaker.

  • Nobody will blame you for being emotional.

  • Nobody will blame you for pausing for a second before you finish the speech.

  • Nobody will blame you if you forget something, or improvise a bit.

I know you would like to deliver an unforgettable speech that will add to the memories and laughter on this wonderful day.

This is why I wrote this wedding speech product. For people like you, so you don't have to face this challenge and be left feeling like you are as blind as a bat with laryngitis.

We all want the happy day to perfect. I am betting that includes you.

My wedding speech e-book will be like a professional wedding speech writer next to you coaching you all the way. You can work on the speech anytime day or night and this ”coach” will be there for you.


"This Saved The Day For Me."

  "I did not want a "CANNED" speech so the idea of getting [multiple] speeches and using parts of  them with my own knowledge of the Groom simply saved the day for me. Once it came down to the performance I was still a little nervous in front of 200 people, but I was well prepared and I owe it all to this package. Thanks ever so much."

- Byron Ware, Corona, CA

"This Product Is A Must Have..."

  "This was a great web site and a terrific product. This was my first time being a best man and I was nervous that my speech would be terrible. By using this product I was able to give myself some great ideas and use the fantastic quotes included. This product is a must have for people who really want to impress the people at the reception."

- Adam, Iowa

You Will Get Samples Of Every
Conceivable Type Of Speech

·      Best man speech – The groom has picked you to be his best man because you are the person he trusts most. He is trusting you to help him with the most important day of his life. Don't let him down.


·       Groomsman speechYou are some of the best friends that the Groom has. He has trusted you to take an important role what may be the happiest day of his life. Make sure you do your best to add to the joy of that day.


·      Maid of Honor speech – The Maid of Honor has a special role, different and closer than any other person in the wedding. Only women know how a woman feels about a wedding. This day is more a day for that wonderful Bride.

That wonderful friend who has entrusted you with several of the plans for this day. You must be a special lady to be asked to take up this role. My package can help you fulfill that role completely.


·      Brides Maid speechNext to the Maid of Honor stands the Bridesmaids. You have an important role in all of this. You help and approval are critical. Now you can be prepared no matter what comes up.


·      Father of the Bride speech – No longer will that little girl be your responsibility. Yes I know she may have been grown and on her own for many years, but she was still your little girl. No more.

Now you will give her away and she will be his wife, but you loved her first! Always will she have a place to call home. Make sure you don't miss a beat in your speech. Make sure she knows just how you feel.


·       Mother of the Bride speechWith such pride you look at this young lady, now a grown woman. You taught her well, gave her strength and showed her what it is to be a lady. Now she is setting up her own house. What pride you feel in your heart.


·      Father of the Groom speech – The day you see your son turn full circle into a man, the day you see him take the responsibility of being a husband. It may be the proudest day of you life. He is no longer the boy who you encouraged to strive to do his best. No now he is a man. You have taught him well.


·       Mother of the Groom speechCould this be the little boy whose diaper you changed and whose bottle you made? Could this really be that same boy who crashed on his bike and you bandaged his knee. When did he learn to tie his shoes?

It was just yesterday he was a boy, but now he is a man, and one you can be proud of. You did a good job Mom!


·      Guest at the Ceremony speech – How wonderful that the bride and Groom asked you to be part of their joyous day. Many guests are making speeches at weddings now. Sometimes you are even expected to. Make sure you are ready.

·     Or ANY other person that may speak at the wedding
and whether you . . .

·     Know both the Bride and Groom

·     Know only the Bride or Groom

·     Are just a friend of the Bride or Groom's family

 We have a sample wedding speech that you can use to develop your own heartfelt caring wedding speech for on this magic day.

Here's Just A Sample of What People Are Saying . . .


"Spend A Little And Be Prepared"

  "It's worth the price. It's better to spend a little and be prepared, than to spend nothing and possibly flub the most important day in someone's life."

                                                                                             -Thomas Dicks, New York

Your Speeches Were Very Helpful”

  "I gave my speech last weekend. Your speeches were very helpful to me to build the structure of a good Best Man speech (i.e. intro thanking everyone, some humor in body, deep thoughts about person you care about, quote, advice, and toast)."
- Tyler W.,  Minnesota

His Speech Received Thunderous Applause!”

  "I purchased them for my son. He was his brother's best man.  By taking bits and pieces from the speeches Ryan was able to write his speech which received a thunderous applause--Everyone commented on what a beautiful speech it was."
  - Susan Dowling, USA

The DJ Said It Was The Best 'Best Man'
Speech He Had Ever Heard . . .”

  "My speech could not have gone any better.  I used #1 as an outline and personalized it with my own stories, brand of humor, etc. Discounting the happy couple, I was the man of the hour.  Everyone kept congratulating me and patting me on the back.  The DJ said it was the best 'Best Man' speech he had ever heard."

 - Frank Fhermant, New Mexico

Its Almost Fool Proof . . .”

  "I used bits and pieces of each speech along with my own little story about the groom and it turned out great! People came up to me all night congratulating me on an awesome speech.

  There isn't a lot more you could do. It is almost fool proof that someone can create a great speech from what you provide."

                                                                                - Andrew Schweitzer, Lansing, MI

My Nerves Were Definitely Calmed”

  "I found the structure of the speeches very helpful; whilst not using the speeches, word for word, my nerves were definitely calmed once I had received the speeches' package. The bonus material in particular was very helpful indeed.

  In fact a large proportion of my speech was taken from "jokes, humour and roasts". Overall I was very pleased to have purchased the speeches' package, and it was something I am glad I bought. The wedding was a few days ago, and the speech was very well received."

- Daniel, United Kindom

"I Would Have Missed Important Things WITHOUT This Package!"

  "Your package was excellent, as it provided so many different approaches and ideas for giving the speech. With your package,  I was able to mix and match some great material, including some humor and appropriate compliments and comments to the bride/groom as well as the families and bridesmaids (which I probably wouldn't have thought of).

  Your speech package has proved invaluable to me, as the best man, and I'm sure that when I do deliver the speech it will be sensational. Thank you very much!"

                                                                                       - Nick M., Norwood, MA

"The Toast Was A BIG Hit . . ."

  "I'm glad to say that after I received my download, I was able to custom tweak my best man toast to perfection...needless to say the toast was a big hit.  It was definitely worth the small investment!  Thanks."
- Brian Jeffries, NC

"I Created The Speech Of A Lifetime!"

"Thanks for the follow up on this.  I would like to THANK YOU for this GREAT Service.  After downloading you material I was able to create a Speech of a lifetime!!!  I probably had 15 people come up to me afterwards and say that it was the best, Best Man speech they had ever heard!  Tremendous success."

 -Chris Williams, VA

"Overwhelming Response!"

  "I blended (cut and pasted) the speeches and had an overwhelmingly positive response about the speech."
-Chris Akinuoye, Calgary, CA

"Simplifies The Best Man's Job!"

  "Most of us are not a best man many times in our lives. Why screw it up for such a nominal fee? Even if you want to write your own you can see why these have made many a groom happy and a best man's job simplified. Good job!"
                                                                                       - Edward C., Long Island, NY

"Really Helps Get YOU Started."

"If you're stuck on what to say, this really helps to get you started. There are also several funny roasts."
- JC, Los Angeles, CA

"Lots Of Useful Ideas!"

  "Very useful for giving you a starting block for your speech, lot's of useful ideas!"

 - Richard Renankivell, Plymouth, United Kingdom


"My Speech Was Just Right!"

  "The speeches are really easy to change to make them more personal. My speech turned out just right."
- Mike Moore, Kansas, USA

" . . . Proven Winners."

  "I think that all best men should have a copy of these speeches as they are proven winners. No stress involved and it will relieve any stress or fear you may have as a best man. "
 - James Humphrey, Texas

You can model these examples or use them as is, although once you realize how easy it is to compose a custom wedding speech  - I doubt you will want to.

YOU will get pre-written, ready-to-use, time tested speeches that will give you confidence by knowing the exact words to say.

They do really work so well and in ANY situation.

YOU are not getting a whole pile of templates or an outline where you have to do all of the work. YOU are getting wedding speeches that can be used as is with just a few words changed, or you can personalize them to suit you.

Surefire Techniques To  Deliver A Powerful  Speech And How To  Avoid Embarrassment!

The audience is expecting you to be prepared.

It's your responsibility.

I put this site up so that you, my friend, can deliver an incredible wedding speech.  Don't make the mistake of doing this on your own.

With this package you'll  have the right words, the right timing, the right poems, and the right confidence to leave an ever-lasting impression to cap off a perfect day.

You can even mix and match these speeches in just minutes to blend your perfect speech.


Here's 4 Compelling Facts Why YOU Can
Believe And Trust What I Say Is True



My company and I are reputable, credible, and have helped people just like you in over 5 different countries.  I've been doing business online since March 12, 2002 and my company was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal that same year.  I've helped thousands of people with speeches.


I've been a public speaker for over 4 years.  I've spoken at hundreds of events and to thousands of people.  I'm also a writer...and I'm not bad at what I do.  After all, I better be if I speak on stage and write speeches.  At one event I spoke in front of 8,000 people. 

I am real I am current. When I used to  write custom speeches from scratch, my fees were $125 for a 1 to 3 minute speech (sorry, I don't offer that service anymore).


UltimateSpeeches.com specializes in wedding speeches for the Best Man, Groomsman, Maid of Honor, Father of the Bride, Mother of the Bride, Brides Maid, and every other possible person that may be speaking at your wedding.

We don't waste your time with 101 different speeches that you have to sift through. No birthday speeches, no  retirement speeches, no graduation speeches... just wedding speeches-- period! 


I don't hide behind my web site or any fake email addresses.  My direct voicemail number is 775.248.1549.  It's been the same number for about 9 years and I don't plan on it changing.  

I answer the phone myself when I'm around and my full address and email contact information is at the bottom of this page.


OK, Ryan . . . It Sounds Great. I Can See That Many People Have Used It And Had Great Success, But How Much Does It Cost?

I am glad you asked, and I know you would not want to know unless you were interested in the Ultimate Wedding Speeches package. Well I have good news.

The package is very inexpensive, despite everything it includes.

Why you ask. Well because I am not trying to be greedy, I want you to look good. I also want to make a little money, but no reason to be greedy.

I have formatted my package as an electronic book package. This means that you download the wedding speeches just after submitting order.

Why? Because it is extremely inexpensive to deliver to you. (no its not free, but it is economical)

There is no inventory for me, no printing costs, no shipping costs, and no employees.

As a result I can pass that savings to you, plus no shipping charges, and you have it in a matter of minutes!!

Anyway, the entire package is only $34.95. That is like having a professional wedding speech writing coach at your disposal 24/7 for the rest of your life for just $34.95. You can't find a better deal than that!

UPDATE:  YOU arrived at this page just in  time to take advantage of a special marketing test:  through midnight on , I've dropped the price to just $19.95 (for a limited time only). 

I'm doing this to see if the increase in sales outweighs my lower profit margin.  If it doesn't, and you buy the speeches after this date, expect to pay the normal price of $34.95.


9 FREE Bonus Gifts Worth $107.76
. . . ONLY If YOU Act Now!

 HURRY! If you invest in my Ultimate Speeches Package by the above date. . . you will also get these 9 FREE Bonus Gifts valued at $102.76.

 If your order after this date, then I am sorry you may not qualify for these free bonus gifts.  So HURRY because this offer is STILL available if you order right now.

FREE Bonus Gift NO: 1


'The Best Man's Handbook'

($12.99 Value)

In a Man's life women generally come and go. That is until he finds that one. When he does it changes his life. Hopefully for the better! Along this road, up to this point he has had friends that were constant.

Now that he has found that one, the right one, he needs to have one of his friends, his best friend, escort him into the new area of his life.

Yes, you won't see him as much after the wedding,(If you're married that may be a good thing)but he has asked you to be that friend, that man who stands with him as his life changes forever.

You are that man, the Best Man. With this handbook you will not let him down.


FREE Bonus GIFT NO: 2  

'Best Man's and 'Maid of Honor'
Wedding Day Checklist

(At least $ 19.95)

Concise and inclusive, you do not have to worry about a thing with this in hand. Whether you are the Best Man or the Maid of Honor. This list will help keep things going and on track.

The wedding day is hectic and unpredictable. You will never be “caught with your pants down” when you have these checklists.


'How To Be A Major Hit With Your Date'!

($9.95 Value)

We all know what happens on the wedding night with the newlyweds, what we forget is that everyone else goes home too. Many people go home with that “twinkle” in their eyes and that “magic” in their heart.

  Yes a wedding can be good for more than just the Bride and Groom, that is if you follow the suggestions in this FREE bonus report. Whether your date is a spouse, a long time girlfriend or a casual date, it can be a great night if you play your cards right.



'10 Fear Busters For Successful Public Speaking'

($14.95 Value)

Public speaking is the scariest thing most people will ever do. When you add the stress of the situation in the mix, you have a recipe for sheer terror.

Imagine getting in front of everyone and just freezing. Not knowing what to say. Not knowing where to look for answers. The thought can be overwhelming.

With this bonus you will get 10 fear busters that the professional speakers use to ensure they don't freeze. No one can take away the hurt, but with this bonus, I will remove the fear.


'The Best Man's 'Personal Power Organizer'

($12.95 Value)

Where is the ring?” “Is the Cake at the hall?” What is the caterer's number?” "How do we get to the church?” “OH NO, WHERE IS THE GROOM!!!”

You will have the answers and more with this bonus. This is worth it's weight in gold, but it is FREE if you act NOW!!

'Proven Toasts And Quotes'

($4.99 Value)

Do you really think that Johnny Carson could come up with new jokes everyday for almost 30 years? No! He used other peoples words and phrases.

Well OK you are just “on stage” for one night, not 30 years, but still, there is no reason you should have to guess at what to say.

Boy that old Johnny sure made us laugh didn't he? He could test to see what to say night after night. You have to get it right the first time. And with this bonus you will!!

'New Bride's Wedding Day Schedule'

 ($8.99 Value)

Have you ever been a bride? If not I want you to imagine having the busiest day you can imagine at work. Add in 4 or 5 ill behaved 4 year olds to watch and on top of that today is the most emotional day, and perhaps the most important day of your life, up 'till now.

Imagine your head swirling and you emotions flying back and forth. You have dreamt of this day since you were 5 years old, but you had no idea it would be so nerve wracking. You just want everything to be right,but you are about to lose your mind in all of the chaos.

Then you see your Maid of Honor, and she has the schedule. A few well placed directions and you know all will be well. You could not have made a better choice...

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'Bachelorette Party Oath of Silence Contract'

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You stand up and raise your glass. You know what to say. You have read and practiced it. You know it will work, because it is time tested.

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How do I know your book is as good as you say it is?

That is one good question and I know you would not be asking if you were not interested in delivering a great wedding speech on this special wedding day.

Here is the answer, I am willing to guarantee my wedding speech e-book for 58 days.


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100% Guarantee

Order my Ultimate Speeches. Read them, use them, model them, copy them word-for-word, whatever. If, at anytime in the next 58 days, you decide that you're not thrilled with your purchase ... If anyone doesn't like your speech, if you decide that you could have done better by yourself, if you have buyers remorse, or if for any other reason you want your money back, just email me and (1) all of the speeches and 9 free bonuses are yours to keep; and (2) you'll receive a 100% refund of your purchase price.

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Ryan Ringold
Ryan Ringold
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I have done everything I can to assure you my pre-written, warm, loving, humorous and sentimental wedding speeches cover every type of speech you could ever imagine for the wedding . . . and now it's up to you.

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 Ryan Ringold

Ryan Ringold
President - UltimateSpeeches.com

PS. Remember you will learn how to write a speech, no matter what your position within the wedding, get sample speeches to cover anything from Groom to Best Man, to Father of the Bride, to Bride, to Bridesmaids to Maid of Honor to guest.

You will have a road map telling you how to design write and deliver your speech.

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  • Mother of the Bride or Groom
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  • Groomsmen
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  • Relatives of the Bride or Groom
  • Friends of the Bride or Groom

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